What are Wood Watches?

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So what are wood watches?

Well that’s simple it’s a watch that is made from wood! Well not completely made from wood. Generally speaking only the case and bracelet of the watch is made from wood. The movement, dial, and hands however, are made from the same material that normal watches are made from which is metal.


 What type of wood is used for wood watches?

Generally speaking the main types of wood use for wood watches are Bamboo, Karri, Maple, Olive, Sandalwood, Teak, Walnut, and Zebrawood. Here at IrokoSun most of our watches are made from Sandalwood, Walnut, and Zebrawood.

 *Zebrawood from our Sol Invictis Chronograph 

*Sandalwood from the Akoni


What kind of movements can you get in a wood watch?

You can get the same kind of movements that you’ll see in typical metal watch. You’ll mostly see quartz movements in wood watches under $150. Once you go into the higher end you’ll see automatic movements like in our Xylo Automatic which you can buy here for $199.

*Auto Movement of the Xylo Automatic watch


In all wood watches are a stylish alternative to your typical metal watches. They cost less to make and provide an excellent value proposition to the standard metal ones. Add one to your collections today by clicking this link.

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