Wood (Iroko) Watches

The tree is known to the Yoruba as ìrókò, logo or loko is believe to have super natural powers. Our custom hand made wooden watches don't have superpowers but they'll definitely improve your style. We offer 3 types  of wooden watches. Our Akoni, Xýlo, and Sol Invictus 

Xylo Automatic

Features a skeleton automatic movement with a see through wooden case. The Xýlo is the perfect watch for men looking for an affordable automatic watch that doesnt cost them $300+. Comes in two accents (Oak and Rosewood) along with a 2 year warranty. 


Our minimalist watch that features a 20mm wood watch strap and Japanese quartz movement . Our Akoni is the perfect watch for men looking for  a discrete minimalist look. Comes in two colors (Sandalwood, Zebrawood) and Two Faces(Black and Sliver). 


Sol Invictus 

Sol Invictus is our chronograph wood watch. It features a metal case with a wooden bezel along with a 24mm metal bracelet that has wood inserts. Furthermore since its chronograph it has an additional complication that allows you measure time via stop watch.